Get Paid - To Pay Volunteers
How Does That Work? ... As a Charity, you'll enroll in our program. Cost: $10 per month. Now let's say you have 5 volunteers that you want to monetize. You'll sign them up in your Giving911™ organization and pay the $10 each (total $50).

Now simply tell your volunteers to spread the word about Giving911™ and here's the best part. The volunteers now have a strong reason not only because they're helping you out, but also helping themselves out (financially).

You'll have each volunteer sign up for their own Giving911™ account using their own credit or debit card. You'll then reimburse them the $10. You determine how long you'll pay the $10 for them.

Volunteers come and go but because they signed up in your Giving911™ organization, you'll still receive donations from their activity. If the volunteer becomes very active, this could mean thousands-of-dollars for your organization even though technically they're not a volunteer anymore.

Are you a volunteer for a Charity right now that's not in our program? Good news. get them enrolled because as they begin raising more funds with Giving911™, it raises funds for you as a Giving911™ ambassador.
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