Tired Of Building "Social Networks" And Not Getting Paid For It? - Well Now You Can.
Giving911™ in association with "Fan Network" and News RockStar,™ are proud to bring you the ultimate web portal where you can monetize your fans & followers from any Social Network.
How Does That Work? ... You'll reach out to your fans and followers on the social networks you're using now and take the following approach.

Ask (your fans and followers), to follow you into Giving911™ so that not only will they be helping Charities, but also helping themselves financially because of the Giving911™ subscription business model. In other words, all the people and organizations that follow YOU into Giving911™ can also, monetize THEIR fans and followers by doing the same.

There sphere-of-influence and their sphere-of-influence and so on can generate significant revenues.

Right now, other social networks do NOT pay you anything for promoting their platform. And if you're not selling much to your fans and followers in those networks, there is no way to monetize it. However, now there is a way by using Giving911.™
What is News Rockstar? ... Giving911s™ social network is NewRockstar.com. It is still a work in progress but can be used right now. Think - Twitter For Business. There, you'll be able to post virtually anything that's business. You can use the platform to help your Charity or pretty much any legitimate business and, News Rock Star is FREE.

News Rockstar™ is a real-time news and content platform for BUSINESS! You can use the platform to make posts, upload videos, graphics, talk about YOUR business and make money from your fans & followers even if they never buy anything from you.

With Giving911™ and "Fan Network" we've set it up so that you can get monetized from your Fans & Followers from not only "News Rock Star," but virtually any of the other social network as well. Imagine the exposure you can get for your business through the efforts of others simply because they too, want to be monetized on their Fans & Followers as well.
Founder, Leslie Robert Wolfe
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